Hazrat Pir Mastan Jodhpur Rajasthan

Sojat is a city and a municipality in Pali district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The Sojat city around Jodhpur is known for its fort, temples and Dargah of Pir Mastan. 

Sojat city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan is situated on the left bank of the Sukri River, near Pali town. It was earlier (in the ancient times) known as Tamravati. There is also a fort in Sojat city. 

The fort has a big reservoir and several temples like Sejal Mata, Chaturbhuj and so on. There is also an old temple of Chamunda Mata situated on top of one of the hillocks. 

For Muslims, there is the Dargah of Pir Mastan. 
It is a very popular dargah, specially thronged by Muslims at the time of Urs - a Muslim festival.

Another tourist attraction in Jodhpur Sojat city is the plantation of Mehendi trees. 
Mehendi is a herbal plant. Its leaves are squashed into a thin paste and applied on the hands and the feet, of particularly females, in various attractive designs. 

Many tourists (specially the foreigners) who happen to visit this city get their palms and feet decorated by the Mehendi of Sojat.

Hazrat Sayed Balam SHah Baba Qadri Chishty(Rahmatullah Alaih)


Hazrat Rabi Bin sabih Basri Baghdadi (Rahmatullah Alaih)

Hazrat Rabi Bin sabih Basri Baghdadi  (Rahmatullah Alaih)

Ursh-16 Moharrum Dargah Regh. No . B 46Place / venue – Savaibet,via- Rajula ,
District :Amreli (Gujarat)Your Mazar-Shrine is the oldest amoung the Auliye Kiran on the land of Gujarat your preachings have derived from Some of the Famous books of HADIS,reflecting your personality.

You are " TABAY TABAYEEN"Hazrat " RABIH BIN SABIH " arrived India in Hizri 160. 
In Hizri 169, i.e. 775 A.D. the Khalifa"Al Mahendi Billa Abbasi" Sent "Abdul Malik Bin Shihab Masmai" to India ( Gujarat ) with a good cause of proliferation of :Din-A- Islam " Religion and to Serve the needy and deprived "Rabi bin Sabih" who was among these people was the leader of the Swam Sevak party.

Before discussing
your " Vafat and mad foon " let us first throw light on your life history briefly Biography
Your name was "Rabi" and your Father's name was "sabih Abdul Hafz and Abu Baqr" were Kuniyat His father was the Slave released by Banu saad Bin Banat Bin Tazim. 

Hence they were called as "SA-ADI" in Tarikh-e-Kabir,Hazrat Imam Bukhari has addressed you as "Abu Hafz" All Historians Do agree with the face that he was a native of Basra. 

Hazrat " Rabi Bin Sabih " was born in the beginning of Hizri 
2. His native Basra was the Centre for IslamicEducation He was taught by very reniuned "Alimes" Such as Imam Hasan Basri (Rah) Imam Ata Bin Rahah Makki (Rah), 

Imam Yazid Rakkashi (Rah),Imam Abu Zuberi (Rah), 

all of them were among the greatest educationist of that time . 


Rabi Bin Sabih is considered to be as Faqih and Muhadish. 
He has given Some "Hadis"Hazrat Imam Ahmed bin Humble (Rah) write that one should not hesitale for the "Rivayat" of Hazrat Rabi Bin Sabih "You are "Salhay" and holy man.

Ibn Asir writes in Al-Kamil that in Hizri 159 a party Was Sent to India through Sea route in the leadership of Abdul Malik Bin Shihab Masmal ,
which included some swamsevak . 

Rahi Bin Sabih was also one of them They arrived at Bhadbhoot ( Al- Kamil –Part -6, Page- 17).
The geographical location of Bhadboot is adjacent ti the eastern side of Savaibet. It is located a few miles by the Sea route.

After his arrival at Bhadbhoot he started the mission of Islamic proliferation and to Serve the Needy After a passage of time a disease of hot "Pleague" was spread out in which you and some of your colleagues lost their lives. 

Then he was buried at the nearby island witness of which is as follows.

Allama Ibne sa-ad writesin his "Tabkat" Rahi Bin Sabihwent to India for the proliferation of Religion and to Serve the needy. 

In Hizri 160 He became martyr during the Khilafat period of Mahendi, 

and was buried in an island, this fact was revealed to me by one of the Shekh of Basra and who was with Rabi Bin Sabih He was one of the greatest Imam of Sunni cult contemprory of Imam–e-Azam Abu hanifa. 

You are included among the greatest religious preachers, 

classmates And students in which Imam Mohammad Bin Hasan Shaibani(Rah) Iman–e–Azam Abu Hanifa And Imam Sufiyan Suri(Rah) are important. 

Your holy Shrine is called as Savaipir Sinceit is Situated On the savaibit island. Savaibet is 150 km from Bhavnagar, 

300 km from Rajkot and 350 km from Ahmedabad. 

In order to reach Savaibet one has to go Pipavav port first. 

From Pipavavport, the facility of boat of Dargah.

Your ursh is celebrated each year in the month of Moharram on 16th.

For facilitating the devotes there is a arrangement for lodging near the Shrine.