Hazrat Haji Malang (Rahmatullah Alaih)

Haji Malang baba

Haji Malang (Thane) Haji Malang, is a 300 year old dargah at Kalyan, in Mumbai, where Baba Abdur Rehman Malang has been buried. Malang was a Sufi saint who came to India in the 12th century AD from the middle east. Haji Malang, in true syncretic tradition, was one of the few dargahs where a Hindu vahivatdar (traditional priest from the Hindu Karandekar family) and a Muslim mutavalli (claiming to be distant kin of the saint), had both been officiating at religious rituals.

Hazrat QAMLI SHAH BABA this hazrat's dargah is near dargah of Hazrat HAJI MALANG in KALYAN thane district

Hazrat BAQTAWAR SHAH is the first salami and Hazrat SULTAN SHAH is the second Salami these hazrat's dargah is also in Kalyan when we go to HAJI MALANG the first dargah where we have to give salami is of Hazrat BAQTAWAR SHAH AND the second dargah where we have to give second salami is of HAZRAT SULTAN SHAH these hazrat's were one of the companion of Hazrat HAJI MALANG BABA and came from GULF to take HAJI MALANG BABA back to GULF but HAJI MALANG BABA refused and said from now this is the place where i will spend rest of my life so Hazrat BAQTAWAR SHAH AND HAZRAT SULTAN SHAH also stayed there till end of their life.HAZRAT HAJI MALANG BABA said if anyone want to meet me and give me salami one have to first give SALAMI to these 2 dargah's.

Situated at the border of Thane-Raigad districts is known more for the Dargah of Malang Baba, halfway up the mountain. But above the Dargah there is a much more hidden thrill for the trekkers, which one may not expect. The Haji Malang Dargah in Kalyan is looked after by a Brahmin family of Ketkar.

Malang Gad is situated at a distance of 13 K.m. from Kalyan. Kalyan is well connected to Mumbai by rail as well as road. Frequent S.T. buses are available from Kalyan S.T. station to the base. About one and half hours climbing by steps will take you to the Dargah. 20 mins from Dargah up to the mountain will take you to the Balekilla (citadel). The pinnacle of the Shri Malang Gad is supposed to be the real challenge for the professional trekkers, but for amateur trekkers reaching the pinnacle by a very very narrow path should also be a thrilling experience.

The story of Haji Malang Babas Horse is as follows:
When HAJI MALANG BABA came on their horse they where at the bottom of
the mountain the actual height of this mountain was 3 times higher
than the orignal one which is now. When HAJI MALANG BABA saw peak of the mountain the horse jump till the peak of the mountain and the mountain height
was decreased by 3 times and there are footprints of their horse from where WATER STARTED COMING OUT FROM THAT TIME AND TILL TODAY THE WATER

Also there is mazhar of PANCH PEER on the opposite mountain many
people have tried to go there but only few of them have made it so the
KHADIMS of that mazhar have brought EIT that is (BRICKS) of that
mazhars and keept there the place at a few distance from HAJI MALANG