Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Radiallahu anhu)

Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani(Radiallahu anhu)

NAME OF FATHER: Hazrat  Abu  Salih  Musa Jangi  Dost RA
NAME OF MOTHER: Sayyida Umm-ul-Khayr Amat-ul-Jabbar Fatimah RA
PLACE OF BIRTH: Naif in the District of Gilan in Persia (Iran)
DATE OF BIRTH: Ramadan 1, 470 Hijri
TITLES: Ghaus-e-Azam, Ghaus-e-Pak and Piran-e-Pir
 PLACE OF MAZAAR: Baghdad Shareef (Iraq)

Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA is a “Najeeb-ut-Tarfayn” Syed, i.e. his father, Hazrat Abu Salih Musa Jangi Dost RA lineage traces back to Imam Hasan AS and his mother, Sayyida Umm-ul-Khayr Amat-ul-Jabbar Fatimah RA lineage traces back to Imam Hussian AS.

Hadhrat Junayd Baghdadi RA once  said   said:  ”It  was shown to me through  Kashf (opening)  that the later part of the 5th century Hijri will witness the birth of a great saint and wali of Allah Almighty  whose  name will be Abdul  Qadir and who will be praised as Muhiyuddin.  His birthplace will be Gilan and resting place will be Baghdad and he will say, “My foot is on the neck  of  every  wali”.  Upon  witnessing  his  greatness  [through  this Kashf], I surrendered  my neck.

Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA’s  father,  Hadhrat Abu Salih Musa Jangi Dost RA,  once during his spiritual exercises was passing along the side of a river. He had not eaten for several days. He saw an apple fallen on the side of the river. The intense hunger resulting from not having eaten for over three days made him eat  the  apple.

However, after  eating  it,  he  realized  that  someone  must  have owned this apple without whose permission he had eaten it.  Consequently,  he set out in search of the owner of the apple along the side of  the river.  He had only gone a short distance when  he saw a garden which had trees laden with ripe apples which were hanging over the water [due to heir weight].  Hadhrat Abu Salih RA understood that the apple he had eaten must have come from  this  garden.

Upon  inquiring,  he found  out  that the owner of the garden was Hadhrat Abdullah Somi RA. He therefore presented himself to the owner and sought an apology for having eaten an apple from his garden  without his  permission.  Hadhrat Abdullah Somi RA who himself was a man of God, recognized this young man’s extraordinary piety and righteousness. Hadhrat Abdullah Somi RA therefore decided to keep Hadhrat Abu Salih RA as the caretaker of this garden for a while and told him that at the end of the appointed term, he would consider his apology. Hadhrat Abu Salih RA worked with much dedication and the end of the appointed term approached Hadhrat Abdullah Somi RA in regards to his apology. At this point, Hadhrat Abdullah Somi RA said that there was one more condition that Hadhrat Abu Salih RA would have to fulfill. He said that he had a daughter who was blind in the eyes, deaf in the ears and handicapped in the arms and legs. Hadhrat Abu Salih RA would have to accept her in marriage in order for his apology to be accepted. Hadhrat Abu Salih RA accepted this. However on the marriage night when Hadhrat Abu Salih RA found his wife to be free from all these aforementioned external defects and on the contrary found her  to  be blessed  with external  beauty, he became apprehensive  that perhaps he had married  the wrong  girl.  Perplexed,  he left  the room. Hadhrat Abdullah Somi RA sensed his dilemma and said, “O Prince, this is your wife and whatever I had said about her is all true. She is blind in that she has never lifted her eyes towards a non- Mahram. She is deaf in that she has never heard anything against the Shariah. She is handicapped in the hand in that she has never done anything against the Shariah with them and she is handicapped in the legs in that she has never stepped out of the house against the Shariah.” Hadhrat Abu Salih RA was ecstatic upon hearing these words and thanked Allah, Most High. Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA is the blessed son of these two extraordinarily pious individuals.

Hazrat Abu Salih Musa Jangi Dost (may Allah have mercy on him), Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA father, had a dream in which he saw our Beloved Prophet (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) who said to him, “O my son Abu Salih, Allah, Most High has given you an offspring who is my son and beloved and also the beloved of Allah. And his ranking among the Awliya (Friends of Allah) is akin to my ranking among the Prophets.”

As a newborn, during the entire month of Ramadan, Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA did not drink his mother’s milk from dawn until sundown.

On the night of the Mi’raaj  (Ascension),  the Prophet Muhammad’s  (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) blessed foot rode on the neck of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be pleased with him) and that mark was present on his neck when he was born.

Famous incident During his Life
When Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA was young boy, on the day of ‘Arafah in his village of Gilan, he began ploughing the field behind a bull. The bull looked at him and said, “O Abdul Qadir! You weren’t created for this.” Startled, the young Shaykh returned home and asked his mother to send him to Baghdad to acquire knowledge. His mother was extremely pleased and prepared to send him off. She brought him the 80 dinars that his father had left her. The Shaykh left half of it for his brother and his mother sewed the other 40 dinars into his garments. She exhorted him to speak thetruth under any and all circumstances. She bid him farewell for the sake of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and said that she would now see him on Yaum-ul-Qiyamah.

Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA proceeded for  Baghdad with a small caravan that was headed in that direction. On the way, the caravan was attacked by 60 bandits. One of them came to the young Shaykh and asked if he had anything on him, upon which the Shaykh replied that he had 40 dinars sewed into his garments. The bandit [not being  able to believe  the boy's  honesty], thought  that he was just joking.  Another  bandit came and had the same experience. They went and reported this to their leader who then called  the boy and asked him what  his  motivation was in revealing  his  possession.  The young Shaykh RA said  that his  mother had emphasized  that he must always speak the truth and he couldn’t break his promise to her. These words penetrated and touched the heart of the leader of the bandits and he felt extreme remorse that this young boy was not breaking his promise to his mother and he had all these years been breaking his vows to his Lord. The leader of the bandits repented at the hands of the young Shaykh RA and all the other bandits followed suit.

Education & Spiritual Struggles
Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA reached Baghdad and took admission in Madrasah Nizamiya, which was the most prestigious and world renowned educational institution of its time, where highly qualified teachers taught students of knowledge. In a few years, Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA mastered all the external knowledges and sciences.

The Shaykh RA experienced much hardship during his years acquiring education. The 40 dinars that his mother had given him depleted quickly and he had reached the point of starvation. One day, extremely weak with hunger, he went and sat in a masjid. A young non-Arab man entered the masjid with some bread and meat and sat himself down in a corner and began eating. When the man saw the Shaykh he approached him, offered him some food and asked where he was from. The Shaykh said that he was from Gilan and had come to Baghdad to acquire knowledge. The young man asked him if the Shaykh knew a young man by the name of Abdul Qadir form Gilan upon which the Shaykh responded that that was him. The young non-Arab man became very anxious and said that he had been searching for the Shaykh because his mother had sent some money for him. However, no one had been able to give the young non-Arab man the whereabouts of Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA. The young non-Arab man went on to explain that when he ran out of his own provisions, after having not eaten for three days, he was forced to buy some food from the money that Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA’s mother had given for Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA and this was the food that he was offering him at that moment. This made Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA the real owner of the food as it had been bought with his money and the young non-Arab man was his guest. The Shaykh RA was delighted and consoled the young man and partook in the eating.

The Shaykh RA experienced extreme physical hardships, as part of his spiritual training during his stay in Iraq where for 25 years he wandered its bleak and barren deserts where no one knew him. Although during this time, the Jinn came to him to take from his knowledge. Hadhrat Khidr AS also contributed to his training by asking him to stay in one place for three years. During these three years, one year he only ate some leaves and did not drink any water, the next year he ate nothing and only drank water and the next year he did not eat or drink anything and also did not sleep. Armies  of the devils  would try to attack him but he would feel  a voice  from  the unseen encouraging him to be steadfast against them.

The Shaykh RA narrates that even after all the spiritual exercises and hardships, and roots of the diseases of the heart leaving him, he did not find himself at his destination. He tried to enter through the door of Tawakkul (reliance) and found a huge crowd at this door and passed through it. He then arrived at the door of Shukr (gratitude) where he also found a large crowd and passed through here as well. He then arrived at the door of Ghina (independence) where there were also lots of people and passed through here as well. Then he arrived at the door of Mushahida (witnessing) where he had the same experience  as the previous  doors. Finally he reached the door  of Faqr,  which he found empty. Here he found all those things that he had abandoned in his spiritual struggles. He found a great spiritual treasure here and felt true liberation of the soul.

As the Shaykh RA was being  elevated  in spiritual ranks, once during a stay in a very harsh desert, he saw a light in the sky and a strange shape appeared who said, “O Abdul Qadir! I am your Lord and whatever I have made haram on others, I make halal on you. So do whatever you feel like.” Upon hearing this, Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA said, “A’oodhu billaahi minash shaytaanir rajeem”. The light immediately disappeared and was replaced by darkness and the face became smoke [it was the devil] and said, “You were saved due to your knowledge, otherwise I have taken astray 70 people of Tareeqat through this method.”

Introduction to Silsila-e-Qadriya
One of the earliest Sufi orders was founded  by Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA,  d.  1166 C.E.), a student  of  Hanbali Fiqh,  in Baghdad. The Sufis of the Qadriya order laid great stress on the purification of the self. According to this philosophy, purification of the mirror of  the heart from  the rust  of  the carnal,  animal  and  satanic qualities is the essential part of ones spiritual as well as physical life. These Sufis maintain that the human soul came from the world of command and is capable  of reflecting the Divine Effulgence. But due to the impurities of the self, it does not do so. For instance, if the mirror becomes rusty it cannot reflect any form placed before it, but when the rust is removed, it begins  to reflect  clearly.  In  the same manner, if one mirror is  placed  before another, what is in the first mirror is reflected in the second one. In this way, the philosophy explains  that if the seeker’s  heart is  clean  like  a clear  mirror,  the beauty of the Beloved reflects in it.

The Qadiriya School of Islamic Mysticism is based entirely upon the principles of Shariah. In this  Tradition, the disciple (murid) accepts Shaykh Sayyiduna Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA as his Shaykh, testifying that the ‘ahd (bayt, i.e. swearing allegiance by the hand) he is taking is the ‘ahd of Almighty Allah and His Apostle (Allah bless him and give him peace) and that the hand of the Shaykh is that of Shaykh Sayyiduna Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA, and is expected to subordinate his will to his Pir (Spiritual Guide).

He is our Master, the exemplar of the splendid saints (awliya), the Lordly Cardinal Pole (al- Qutb ar-Rabbani),  The Spiritual  Helper  (Ghawth), the Sultan  of the people  of the Spiritual Path (ahl at-Tariq), the incomparable, the universal and the pure foundation. Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA once said:
  “I am the Shaykh of the Angels, of human beings and of the jinn “
In common with other Sufi  orders, the Qadiris  institute  certain  rites  and symbols,  which differ from country to country.  They  appear  to  have  favored  green  as  a  color.  It is mentioned that at Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA hands more than five thousand Jews and Christians became Muslims. More than a hundred thousand ruffians, outlaws,  murderers, thieves,  and bandits repented and became devout Muslims and gentle Dervishes. The Sultan of Saints explained that he reached that blessed state by wandering  25 years through  desolate  deserts of Iraq and slept in the lonely cold ruins  to fight the voice  of his  disobedient,  unruly ego. Not  anyone can do this, it takes a special person, a ‘spiritual soldier’, to walk away from the ‘comfort zone’ and fight his ego for 25 years in the desolate, cold, lonely desert.

Any silsila or spiritual chain linking the teachings of the Shaykh to the teachings of Hadhrat Muhammed Mustafa, the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and his Ahlul-Bayt) . 

The spiritual geneology of Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA is traced back to the Holy Prophet Hadhrat Muhammed Mustafa, the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and his Ahlul-Bayt) as follows:
Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA, disciple of
Shaykh Qadi Abi Said Ali Mubarak al-Mukhrami RA, disciple of
Shaykh Abul Hasan Ali Ahmad Qareshi al-Hankari RA, disciple of
Shaykh Abu Farah Muhammad Yusuf Tartusi RA, disciple of
Shaykh Raziuddin Abul Fazl Abdul Wahid Abdul Aziz RA, disciple of
Shaykh Abu Bakr Abdullah Shibli RA, disciple of
Shaykh Abul Qasim Junaid RA of Bagdad, disciple of
Shaykh Abul Hasan Siri Saqti RA, disciple of
Shaykh Maroof Al-Karkhi RA, disciple of
Shaykh Sulaiman Dawood Tai RA, disciple of
Shaykh Habib ul Ajami RA, disciple of
Shaykh Hasan al-Basri RA, disciple of
Sayyidina Ali ibn Abi Talib AS also known as Hadrat Ali Karam Ullah Waj Ho
 , Khalifa of
Hadhrat Muhammed Mustafa, the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and his Ahlul-Bayt)

Why Bayt is important

Hazrat Allama Iqbal RA says:
“What!  Has anyone attained perfection by only books?  It is simple to understand that one   cannot become a carpenter without sitting  in the company of a carpenter, one cannot become a tailor without the companionship of a tailor,  and one cannot become a calligraphist without the company of a calligrapher.  In short, one cannot attain perfection or become an expert without the companionship of an expert ”
In the same manner, the companionship of a pious man will induce piety in you. Similarly, the companionship of an evil man will induce evil in you.  He who searches for association with Allah  Ta’ala,  has to acquire  the association  of the Auliyaa-e-Kiram.  Companionship with the pious for even a moment is superior to a century of Zuhd (abstention) and  taa’at (obedience).

Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA said “If a person is unable to differentiate between a true and a false Murshid, he should read two rakats Nafil for achieving recognition of Allah at Tahajjud time. Then he should ask Allah to inform him of those pious people who would be able to guide him on the Right Path. He should beseech Allah to show him the person who will intoxicate him with Allah’s love and adorn the eyes of his heart with the light of Allah’s closeness and inform him of unseen happenings that he personally  witnessed.”  Insha Allah  by doing so, one will receive the answer. (Al-Fath-ur- Rabbani, p 146)

The state of Tazkiyah (self-mortification) cannot be achieved if one does not associate one’s self with a Shaykh. There are teachers for every subject and knowledge. If for example, it is a question  of Fiqh,  we have to approach a Mufti, who knows the answers. However  it is difficult to study the condition of the inner self and to recognize the maladies within anyone without proper  education  and guidance.  The hidden  weaknesses are very  imperceptible and fine. Something may be very good and another might be evil but it is very difficult to distinguish  between the two.  For example,  arrogance is  an unlawful  trait  and it is  wajib (compulsory)  to shun it because it is  the root  cause of all  maladies  but  there is  another quality, self-respect, which is wajib to develop. However, the line dividing the two must be determined, i.e. at which point does self-respect end and arrogance begins. It is not possible for  everybody  to determine  the line  of demarcation  between the former  (Fadail)  and the latter (Razail). Therefore, in order to know and treat the spiritual ailment one needs to have a Spiritual Master or Shaykh. The Salik (seeker) should get the Razail corrected by his Shaykh, one by one.

It is Allah Almighty’s great mercy and blessing that he has sent Hadhrat Ghaus-e-Azam Abdul Qadir Gilani RA to the Ummah of His Beloved ProphetHadhrat Muhammed Mustafa, the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and his Ahlul-Bayt) as the Great Helper to call  upon  during our  times  of distress  and need. Today’s tumultuous and confusing times need his succor more than ever. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala guide us all to follow in the footsteps of His beloved Friends and to seek their help and guidance on our journey to our Lord. (Ameen)