Hazrat Khwaja Hamiduddin Nagauri (Rahmatullah Alaih)

Khwaja Hamiduddin Nagauri

He also got khilafat from khwaja gharib nawaj.was sent to nagaur for tabligh of deen & silsila. sufi saheb had some land & was earning his bread from that piece of land by plaughing it by own. oneday the haqim of the city offered him some land .but sufi saheb denied & said that none in our silsila has ever took anything from anyone ,so why should i?
One another day khwaja saheb asked sufi saheb what is your wish tell me i'll fulfill it.then sufi saheb replied that "i don't want anything .what you give is my ultimate choice.i put my head on your astana.". listening to this khwaja saheb was very much happy & prayed to allah "ilahi give hamiduddin respect in this world & hereafter".

Also once khwaja saheb told that moinuddin & hamiduddin's children are same. this saying came true whan khwaja saheb made his daughter HAFIZA JAMAL's marriage to sufi saheb's son.once after knowing the status of sufi saheb ,khwaja saheb said "if i'ld have known your status near allah then i'ld have been a murid of your's."

KARAMAT-He had many karamats in his life & after his death also. today also none can enter his dargah by eating meat if anyone does so he may face a lot of trouble in his life.

WISAL- Sufi saheb passed away on 29,Rabbi ussani,673 hizri.and every year the urs is celebrated on this day itself.

HAZRAT KHWAJA HAMIDUDDIN NAGAURI (RA), ONE OF THE PROMINENT KHALIFA OF HAZRAT KHWAJA GARIB NAWAZ (RA) nagaur sharif. if u c the pics properply one tree is covering the entire mazaar, this is a live karamat of HAZRAT.