Hazrat Waris Piya (Rahmatullah Alaih)


Sarkar Waris Pak (May Allah mercy upon him) was born on 1’st Ramadan in 1238 Hijrah at Deva Shareef; Deva is an ancient town north of Bara banki. His mother named was “Syeda Bibi Sakina (Chand Bibbi), who was the daughter of Syed Shier Ali (R.A). It’s mean that his mother lineage was also connected with the family of Hazrat Fatima (R.A).His father was “Syed Qurban Ali Shah (R.A)”, He was the Hafiz, Qari and famous physician of his time. Sarkar Waris Ali Shah (R.A) came from a family of Husseini Syed His genealogy shows that he was born in 26’Th generation of Hazrat Imam Hussein (R.A). He was not even three year old when his father expired and after sometime his mother was also died and he became an orphan. If we skip over the pages of history then we come to know that Sarkar Waris has got this orphan hood by his grandfather Holy Prophet peace be upon him (According to genealogy), Just as Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) has lost both of his parents in infancy and became an orphan, in the same way Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) has also lost his parents, when he was a child and regarded as an orphan. After the parent’s death, his grandmother “Hayatun- Nissa Sahiba” began to look after of Sarkar Waris (R.A). At the age of five Sarkar Waris was started learning the Quran and in a period of just two year, he had memorized the whole Quran and became Hafiz. Infect his Extraordinary talent was due to the special bestowing of his grandfather Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and was the fruitful outcome of his kind grandmother training. After the death of his grandmother, Haji Khadim Ali Shah took him under his supervision and continued his education. When Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was reached at the age of eleven then Haji Khadim Ali Shah properly embraced him into his spiritual fold, but unfortunately within a short period Haji Khadim has died and Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was elected as a successor of the deceased of Haji Khadim Ali Shah, Therefore by that time blessing of Sarkar Waris was started and even to this day his spiritual gift are still continuing to sprinkle.

D/O Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (P.B.U.H), married to Hazrat
Ali Murtaza (R.A)]



Sarkar Alampannah, Haji-o-Hafiz, Syed Waris Ali Shah(R.A) was born on 1’st Ramadan 1238 Hijri at Deva Shareef , Deva is an ancient town, north of Bara banki. His mother named was “Syeda Bibi Sakina (Chand Bibi)”, who was the daughter of Syed Sheir Ali (R.A) Its mean that his mother lineage was also connected with the family of Hazrat Fatima (R.A). His father was “Syed Qurban Ali Shah (R.A)”, who was the Hafiz, Qari and famous Physician of his time. Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) came from a family of Husseini Syed, his genealogy shows that he was born in the 26’th generation of Hazrat Imam Hussein (R.A). The life of Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was began with the topic of Divine love and according to the principle tradition of his grand father Holy Prophet peace be upon him, That’s why his actual name was famed with one of those precious name of God in which he became annihilate himself. When we go through the history of Sufism then we found that most saints had awarded one of those precious name in which they would became annihilate themselves, which colored the whole of their existence and became his pre-dominant feature. His name “Waris”is an “Isme-Azam” and is one of the Ninety-nine name of Allah (As use in Quran), so he has gained the special attribute of God through his name. Infect he has taken his heritage gift when he was a child. The people recognized his external and eternal attribute and called him as “Waris-e-Ali”. God also proved a particular aspect of his name in such a way that whoever look at our Sarkar, he had accepted by his heart that “Olaika- Howal- Warison”PROPHECY OF SARKAR WARIS:
During the period of Sarkar Waris infancy, Hazrat Akbar Shah was an eminent & pious man and was also considered the scholar of that time. Once a day Haji Khadim Ali along with Sarkar Waris had visited to Shah Sahib, after seeing him, he embraced the Sarkar Waris most cordially and said “This son will be a supreme sufi of his time”
Often Maulana Shah Abdul Rehman narrated that “Now Deva has such a great son, all creatures will attract toward him, he will illuminate like sun in his time and he will be popular from east to west.”
Just as the glad tiding of the birth of his grand father Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) were predicted long back by exalted saint during their respective period, in the same way arrival of Sarkar Waris has also forecasted by eminent sufi & saints, such as Miran Syed Ahmed, who was belonging to the fore generation of Sarkar Waris (R.A) has said, “God by his kindness bestowed on me a son, who will open his eyes in the world after five generation”.
Hence, same to happen as he said, Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was born in his fifth generation and the luster of his spirituality has spread like the sun rays by which the common people tooked benefit. His spiritual bounties were also recognized by his contemporary. Therefore the high classes’ spiritual leader classified Sarkar Waris Ali Shah as a true lover of God and role model of Holy Prophet Tradition, which is also testified by his every action.

The childhood period of Sarkar Waris had passed with great splendour, all elder and younger’s were respected to him. Many strange activities of this precocious child had been observed by the people, some of which are following
Most of the times his eyes were looking red with full of tear, on which opthalmitis had been suspected by the people but another time when he had no sign of opthalmitis then people were astonished to see him, During Night, he was seen gazing at moon & stars, and smiling, it shows that he seemed to appreciate the artistry of the creature.
During the period of childhood he often slipped away out of home for three or four days & no one knew about him, where did he go but he himself came back to home. Once his grand mother enclosed him in the store, but he was also disappeared from the store, when on a search being made, he was found in garden.
Some saint also narrated that Sarkar Waris in playing had explained the quality of Divine love & advised them to abstain from the world to his playmates. He strongly disliked the worldly arrangement from his childhood period therefore he had distributed all his property amongst the poor rather than used himself.
On the basis of above mention incident, we can say that the initial habit & gesture of Sarkar Waris which was began to appear in playing but in reality they were regarded as the symptom of high ranking saint and the manifestation of true lover of God as well as strict following of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) tradition. Some elder saint also declared the symbols of true lover of God and said that one who sympatically deal with the creature of God, one who solved their problem & who would be pleasant, kind and generous for them.
Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was started learning the Quran at the age of five and within two years he memorized the whole Quran and became Hafiz. His grandmother also wants to teach him secular education so Maulvi Imam Ali Shah taught him primary text book with great sympathy and love. Although Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) seldom read his books but it was the amazement of his tutor, he always knew the answered when tested. He spent long time in retirement and contemplation.
After the death of his grand mother, his brother in law, Haji Khadim Ali Shah (R.A) took the charge of his bringing up and continued his studies, being too intelligent, he never forget whatever was to teach him. Therefore fame of his extraordinary talent was also spread here. Although his mother tongue was Urdu but he could speak fluently in many languages. He spoke with Arab, Afghans and Persian in their respective language without formality and unhesitantly.
His biographer are silent on the subject of his studies and extent of his learning, it is certain, however that he did not acquire much from books but in his advance age people came from distant places to discuss theological question with him. His contemporaries was also appreciate that he was a proficient scholar of literature and had a perfect knowledge on all those subject which are related with secular education, beside these he was well up in the knowledge of Divine love. This shows that all these knowledge bestowed on him by the God.
Haji Syed Khadim Ali Shah, who lived in Lucknow, was a man of great learning and a Sufi of great stature. He took charge of his education personally and when he was only eleven year old then Haji Khadim Ali Shah initiated him into the mysterious of occult science and gave him necessary training. It was not long before Haji Khadim Ali Shah became ill and inspite of treatment by an expert hakim, his soul flew to heaven. On the third day of his death ceremony Fatiha Khani was performed in which large number of the people participated. After the ceremony the selection of his successor and the function of Dastar Bandhi came up for discussion. Mr. Munna Jan, who was the main organizer of Lunger, brought a turban on a silver tray and offered it to the assembly of learned person for the election of successor. Meanwhile Hazrat Ghous Gwalyari took the hand of Sarkar Waris Ali Shah and said
“In front of me, he is most deserving among us.”
All audience were agreed on his selection & then spiritual leader tied the turban on the head of our Sarkar thus at a very young age Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was elected as spiritual leader. Whenever a reference was made to his Dastar Bandhi, Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) had said,
“When people were gathered on the Rasme-Soyam of Haji Khadim Sahib, Maulvi Munna Jan said,” Today turban will tie on your head.” But I replied, “We didn’t know the quarrel of turban.” After an hour turban has tied on our head in the same gathering. When programmed of Qawali was began than I along with Sheikh Ghulab Ali (Ghasetay Khan) moved outside and on his demand, went to the market for eating Kababs. Meanwhile, we require more money for payment so we had offered to salesman that gives us Kababs in the replacement of this turban.”
The above mention incident shows that he liked to prefer the color of Faqiri from the beginning and proved the dignity of the true lover of God, who abstained from the worldly fame & name and except Allah, they away from all affairs.

Our Sarkar way of speech was peerless & it intrinsic and extrinsic value capable of satisfying the needy and spiritually guiding the people, most of the time he kept silent with down caste eyes. He would converse with his devotees in short sentences and he often repeated his words to emphasize it meaning. The most command able feature of his speech was that everyone thought, our Sarkar directing his attention towards him and referring to his desire and expectation. In this way everyone was benefited and satisfied.
Although the people, who paid a visit to Sarkar Waris, were of different categories and status of mind for e.g. Qari, Hafiz, Scholar master of arts e.t.c. From this point of view his comprehensive talk was unique which fulfilled the necessities and desire of everyone, according to their quest and interest.
Just as the large number of people indistinctive to any caste, creed and religion were impressed to the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and entered in Islam (Except those, whose heart had been stamped with polytheism), In the same way people were inspired to the pleasant and soft speech of Sarkar Waris not only in India but in all over the world. He visited the different countries in his long period of traveling and met with peoples, whose were belonged to the different caste , creed, language and religion. All of them became sincere with him and desirous that to be admitted into his order.
Sarkar Waris (R.A) was only fifteen years old, when he decided to perform Haj. It was evident from his childhood days, he became so emotional whenever he heard about Madina. Before going to Haj, he had distributed his elder things and household furniture amongst the poor and needy person. While remaining valuable landed property and costly books has distributed amongst his relatives. He thus broke of all worldly ties, when he started on his journey. At first he was paying a farewell visit to the tomb of Hazrat Haji Syed Khadim Ali Shah after that he moved forward, on then way he stopped at Ajmeer, where the annual celebration (Urs) was being held in the shrine of Hazrat Khawja Moin-Uddin Chisti, so he had participated in it. After a few days stayed, he wedded his steps towards Nagpore. Maulvi Hussein Baksh Saheb, an important resident and saint son welcomed to Sarkar Waris when he arrived at Nagpore. Only three days he stayed in the house of Maulvi Hussein Sahib and everyday people assembled in large numbers and took benefit from his sane and sanity advice but the soon Sarkar Waris started his journey towards Bombay. He spent two weeks here and paid homage to all shrine of Bombay. During his Bombay stayed, famous businessman Haji Yousuf Zakria Memon along with his companion became our saint disciple. Sarkar Waris boarded on ship so he started his voyage from Bombay to Jaddah. It was the month of Shaban, when he reached at Jaddah .Therefore he spent those days in visiting the historical and sacred place while he performed Haj on it specific days. Our Sarkar Alampannah had traveled to Hijaz many times and each time he spent three or four years in the holy land of Kabba but during the pilgrimage season every year he performed the Holy Haj. Thus he performed Haj 10 times, during the course of his journey.
He spent approximately twelve years in traveling in this period, he visited the Arab, Syria, Sham, Iraq, palastine, Russia and Germany. He visited Constantinople in the time of majesty of Sultan Abdul Majid, who was greatly impressed by him and offered himself to be admitted into his order, as well as thousand of Turk people became his disciple. It is an interesting to note that on the occasion of his visit to Berlin. Haji Sahib was a guest of prime of Bismark. His followers claim that Haji Waris was the first Sufi to actually visit the Europe.
It is shown by the traveling of Sufi’s and Holy man that whose purpose of traveling was never based on personal motives, nor for entertainment but his mission was to promote his spirituality and virtious deeds. From this point of view, we can say that our Sarkar traveling was unique and his spirituality attracted the attention of the people, Therefore nor only did, he show the path of righteousness to the people of Sub-Continent who were deeply immersed in the darkness of faithlessness but also traveled to far off places, even foreign countries to propagate the teaching of Islam. And through his sincere efforts countless people were come in the fold of Islam.

Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was adopted an ascetic life since the period of childhood. Endurance was recognized by his routine habit so he had not passed single phase of his life without endurance. From the beginning he took little & simple food. When he reached at the age of fourteen then he became an eternal faster and when he went on his journey to Hijaz, he would break open his fast after seven days. He had continued this habit till the age of fifty. Even in these fast he took very little food. After the age of fifty, he fell sick and his health was fast deteriorating then he took daily food on the special request of his physician and devotees. For long time he abstain from the eating of mutton, milk, ghee, egg, onion, garlic and e.t.c.Everything of comfort and rest he avoided and completely cut off the worldly entanglement. Neither he sat on a couch, nor on the stool but he always sat and slept on the floor. Great wonder of his lying posture was that he was lying on his right shoulder without pillow in such a way that his back never touches the ground and his bent arm serving as a pillow.
His manner of sleep was according to the tradition of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) because our beloved prophet sometimes slept on a bear ground and sometimes slept on the blanket (Which was spreading over the ground), sometimes he slept without pillow and sometimes used brick or hand as a pillow. Now a days modern scientific research has been proved the significance of sleeping manners of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). Sleep on right side is necessary for the health sake because in this posture stomach and gut do not put their heaviness on hearth due to which circulation does not compromise. Another significance of this posture is that Heart is floating due to which man never goes into deep sleep and his eyes will be open on a slight disturbance, in this way he will take safety and he may develop the habit of awake in early morning.

All the time, special blessing and reward were distributing in the darbar of Sarkar Waris and his devotees had gained knowledge by him. Grandeur of his spirituality was also seen in his teaching, like of which is hard to find. Just as Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was a pious man with firm determination. In the same way his devotees has shown great endurance and perseverance in all trials and becomes shining stars for us.
Sarkar Waris were bringing out the miracles of revolutions in their life. Insspite of sacrifices, they had to endure and they were losing complete touch with the mundane world. This external hardship is an extraordinary effort and truly it is an attribute bestowed by Divine favour. Although temporary trial had been facing by all his devotees but here we describe more important and difficult mujahidat of his loyal devotees such as
Mustaqeem Shah Sahib, who was the resident of Ajmer shareef, Our Sarkar instructed to him, “Not to open his eyes.”
Hence Mustaqeem Shah more than seventy years spent his life with closed eyes and not to see any thing of this world.
Similarly another disciple was Hafiz Gulab Shah, resident of Agra. Our Sarkar strictly order to him, “Not to close your eyes at any time and always to remain awake.”
Hence for forty years the loyal devotees of Sarkar Waris rested on a stone pillow with eyes opened in a state wilderness.
Similarly our Sarkar advised to Abdul Razaq Shah Sahib, “Not to speak.”
From that time, he became silent and in this condition he spent his life until he died.
Therefore many devotees of Sarkar Waris had performed hard, unbearable efforts

Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) was a great Sufi. He has devoted a great part of his life (Approximately 70 years) to the preaching of Islam. His ambitious messages guided the people under the illustration of Quran and Sunnah.During his period of traveling he had visited the several countries, where he met with thousand of people and admitted freely into his order irrespective to any cast and creed. His countless blessing showering the people directly thus the chain of instruction to lead a life of moral uprightness continued through out his life. Although he is no more with us but his glorious irshadat are still remaining with us, which provide the permanent prosperity, therefore we have collected these irshadat from his biography. A few of which are followingsIrshadat about Unity of God:
Sakar waris pak (R.A) has explained the Unity of God in the manner below:
- Our sarkar said, “He is so omnipotent and all knowing and knows the inner as well as outer condition of your heart.’’
- Our sarkar said, “God is a true creature and an absolute sustainer.’’
- Our sarkar said, “One who entrusts his work to God his work is done by Almighty lord at a specified time.’’
- Our sarkar said,” One searches the truth through himself, his unity of God is imperfect,’’
- Our sarkar said, "The mosques and temples are one, whatever there is in the mosque, is also in the temple, only the name differ.”
Importance of ablution (wazzu):
Our Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) has declared the importance of ablution (Wazzu) in that manner
- He said, “One who always perform ablution (wazzu) and retain it, he will be one amongst the rank of those who are under regimen on the Day of Judgment.”
- He also said," Limbs of ablution (wazzu) will appear bright on the day of judgment.”
Instruction about Namaz (prayer): 
Prayer (Namaz) is one of the obligatory tenets of Islam, Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) made it clear and often advice about it
- He said, “Prayer (Namaz) is the food of the soul;”
- He said, “Prayer (Namaz) should be perform with well intention and with heart.”
- He said,” Punctual performance of prayer (Namaz) is excellent and it is a sign of obedience.”
- He said “Everyone should abide by Divine law and it is obligatory to follow tradition.”
- He said,” One who does not perform prayer (Namaz), he will be discharge to the fold of our disciples.”
- He said,” The mosque would testify your prostration on the day of judgment.”
- He said,” One should walk to the mosque for prayer (Namaz) on each step, he will takes a reward 0f virtue.”
Instruction about Fast:
Fasting is the most exalted duty of Islam, Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) also emphasized the benefits and qualities of fasting
- He said," Fasting is also a kind of spiritual food.”
- He said,” Fasting is such a priceless prayer that those who fast are included in the Divine list of friends.”
- He said,” Fasting erases out our sins.”
- He said,” To display desire for fasting is the tradition of Holy prophet (peace be upon him).”
- He said,” Fasting is concerned with spirituality and increase Divine love.”
- He said,” Fasting is such a prayer through which men can overcome his ego.”
Instruction about Zakat:
Zakat is one of the five elements of Islam. It is compulsory for all those Muslim, who are well to do and fulfill the condition of zakat fixed by Allah in Holy Quran
Sarkar waris pak (R.A) often stressed on zakat
- He said,” Zakat is a lucrative business, for one rupee paid as zakat, God gives ten rupee and sometimes award seventy times.”
- He said,” To disobey the command of zakat is a symptom of heathenism.”
- He said,” One who does not pay zakat , he is too miser
Instruction about Haj:
Sarkar waris pak (R.A) also explained the qualities of Kaaba and the blessing of Haj. He encouraged his novice disciples regarding Haj in the manner below
- He said," Haj is the testing ground of testing Question, whoever was firm in this, he was included among the friends of God.”
- He said,” Whoever entrust his planning of Haj to God; surely he will get unseen help.”
- He said,” Whoever performed Haj with sincerity, his belief was perfect.”
- He said, “Haji is one who has discovered the original object of Haj.”
Instruction on Social Manners:
Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) clearly taught the fundamental object of social manner and has showed a correct way, by which we can achieve the greatness
- He said, "Do good with your enemies. It is a tradition of Sheire- Khuda (Hazrat Ali)”
- He said, “One who has enmity against his enemies, he loss himself because dust of enmity is spoiling the purity of heart.”
- He said, “Always remember a favour for others and if you performed any favour to other, forget it.”
- He said, “One who mention any favour perform by him, infect he lost its advantage.”
- He said,” If you get promise to carry out it because breaking promise is a sin.”
- He said, "Greed is a disgraceful quality.”
- He said,” Jealousy is an opponent of manners and ruinous of faith.”
- He said,” Never to take revenge even to an enemy.”
- He said, “Envy is an immoral quality and it’s spoil one's faith.”
- He said,” One should adopt distinctive quality of the earth, it bears the burden of all and never shift its load on other.”
- He said,” If one forwards a loan should not expect it return.”
- He said,” Obscurity should be regarded as a friend and publicity should be avoided.”
- He said,” If one is struck with adversity one's must be patient and offer thanks when in comfort.”
- He said,” Desire's of one base self keep one’s away from God.”
Importance of Dignity and Value of Pir:
Sarkar waris pak (R.A) in simple words has declared those points which may be regarded as rules of procedure for disciple.
- He said,” Whoever has no spiritual guide (pir), he has no faith.’’
- He said,” Success of disciple depend upon spiritual leader favour.”
- He said,” A disciple who has mere devotion toward his guide than his belief, his guide (pir) protect him in absence.”
- He said,” A disciple should desire that for which his guide (pir) has give a signal.”
- He said,” One who view with pleasure to his spiritual leader attributes, he is bless with Divine.”
- He said,” A disciple who think his spiritual guide (pir) is far off, is an imperfect disciple.”
- He said,” The spiritual leader or pir is useless, who stays away from his disciple.”
- He said,” A true and sincere disciple is one who regards the spiritual leader (pir)) place as free from blemishes.”
- He said,” A disciple should make his guide the centre to his affection and submission, one's who move from it, he would suffer and one's who obey him ,he would be successful.”
- He said,” A disciple should met his spiritual guide like a drop join an ocean, if he does not join, tell than he is a mere drop but he merge he becomes an ocean.’’
- He said,” The disciple of spiritual guide (pir) were many but the honorable disciple is part and parcel of only fortunate pir or guide, such as Hazrat Abu Saeed supervised the Ghous-e-Azam (R.A), similarly Hazrat Usman Harooni (R.A) supervised the Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz.
- He said,” Whosoever followed his spiritual guide or pir with sincerity, he would be titled as Fana-Fi-Sheikh.”
Instruction about Divine Love and Lovers:
Sarkar Waris Pak (R.A) has declared that excessive love is the principle of his life and laid great stress on this point, he had explained the quality of divine love in the manner below
- He Said,” Our goal of journey is Divine love.”
- He said,” Divine love makes man the most eminent of creature beings.”
- He said,” Distance does not count in love, if you love me, I am with you even if you are at a distance of thousand of miles.”
- He said,” Angle were given partial love and human being has full love.”
- He said,”One, who is ruin in divine love, becomes prosperous.”
- He said,” If divine love is perfect, so the faith also is full and perfect.”
- He said,” If divine love is defective, faith will be defective too.”
- He said,” There is no arrangement in love.”
- He said,” Lover only sees the manifestation of his beloved in everything.”
- He said,” A lover is one who regards his beloved more than his life.”
- He said,” A lover has no connection with anyone else except Allah.”
- He said,” The symptom of real love is that a lover should constantly invoke his beloved and even for a moment should not forget him, otherwise that would be the last journey of his life.”