Hazrat Shah Khawaja Sharfuddin Chisty (Rahmatullah Alaih)

Hazrat Shah Khawaja Sharfuddin Chisty ( R.A)
 is known as
Baba Oli-a-Bangla

meaning friend of Bengal for his great contribution toward 
preaching of Islam in Bengal. The tittle CHISTI appended
to his name proves that he belonged to CHISTIA SILSILA,
 was founded by
 (Khawaja) Abu Ishaq Shami
 ("the Syrian") (d.362 Hijri).

Hazrat Shah Khawaja Sharfuddin Chisty ( R.A)
was the 2nd son of Sultan-ul-Hind 
 Hazrat Khawaja Moin-ud-din Chisty
 of Ajmeer.
He born in the year
 628 Hijri and was named as

Hazrat Khwaja Hissamuddin Chisty (R.A)

By the age 45 he became  a great saint  by
 adopting tough excessive labor 
 for self-purification 
and  possessed the quality of salvation.

while under the care and custody of the father  
   his miracle became apparent and he felt to
be separated from the father and suddenly
  disappeared from Ajmeer without informing anything
to any body and joined religious fraternity.

 It is known, that he joined Hazrat Shajalal (R.A) along with
other 359 disciple, primarily keeping his identity hidden and
accompanid him to conquar Sylhet.

 Later he came to Dacca
and settled in the then Ramna area beside the locality 'Nakkhas'
(Slave market) to preach Islam. He never married but
his followers developed the locality  as a residential area
to be known it as 'Mahallah Chistian'.
After preaching Islam quite a long time within Dacca, he died
in the year 738 Hijri  at the age of 110.His disciples and followers buried him
within his Khanka situated within the mahallah Chistian.
Later the Mogul Empreror built a garden Known as
   BAG-E-BADSHAHI  in Ramna beside his mazar..

Late Dhaka Municipal Commissioner Nazir Hossain in his book 
‘Kingbadantir Dhaka’ wrote that a saint by the name

 Hazrat Shah Khwaza Sharfuddin Chisti

is known to be buried in the tomb of old High Court premises 
in 998 H (1590 AD) (which was wrongly quoted) as evident from the inscription 
in the gate of Mazar.

Hekim Habibur Rahman during early days of 20th century
 witnessed the domical roof of the tomb in the midst of thick
jungles in Ramna. British Govt. while making new establihment
 in Ramna levelled many tombs of saints in the
 but faced stiff resistance from local people- muslims and hindus
alike, under the leadership of One
 Rafiquddin Ahmed,
a local pious man,while attempted for clearing the
tomb of Chisti for construction of
Viceroy’s residence (later old High Court bldg). 

Confirmation of Identity of
Shah Khawaja Sharfuddin Chisty (RA)
by different authority

1.The khadem of the mazar of Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin
 Chisty (RA),Ajmeer, Hazrat Khawaja Nazmuddin Chisty
confirmed in 1988 that "the 2nd son of
 Hazrat Garib-e-Newaz
named Hazrat khawaja Hisamuddin (R.A), at the age of 45

 disappeared and later joined Hazrat ShahJalal (RA)  to 
accompany him to coquar Sylhet who later went to 
Dacca as Hazrat Shah Khawaja Sharfuddin Chisty (RA)
and on his death buried in the mazar  which is
 now within the Bangladesh Supreme court area."

2.Serial No.333 of the list of companion of Hazrat ShaJalal (RA)
Published in the Memorandum book of the Darber of 
Hazrat ShahJalal (RA) contains the name of
 Hazrat Hisamuddin (RA)

3.The famous Book "Tazkeratul Awlia" contains at page 494 the
 name of Hazrat Hisamuddin (RA) as the companion of 
Hazrat ShahJalal (RA) at serial no.117.

4. The Asekans of the Darber believe that Hazrat Shah
 Khawaja Sharfuddin (RA) is in the grave of 
High Court Mazar as they have heard it from their ancestors.