Hazarat Baba Tajuddin Aulia (Rahmatullah Alaih)


"Tajuddin’s court of benevolence and blessing will remain opened until the day of Judgment."
A biography and few selected miracles of such persona who is the Last Saint till the day of doom on the face of earth of such superiority in Tassawuf (spiritualism/ Sufism) and sovereignty, blessed by Almighty Allah (God), August esteemed Hazrat (venerable) Syed Mohammed Tajuddin Aulia Shan-Shah Hafat-e-aqleem (The Majesty of the seven climes) Al Hassani wal Hussaini Nagpuri  r.a.
The Biography of His Majesty Baba Tajuddin ra and Amma Bibi Marium Taji Walyia is extracted from the book “Baba Tajuddin” which is authored by Dr. Mohammed Taj Rehan Taji, the eldest son of the Khalifa-e-Doyam (2nd Caliph) of 
Hazrat Baba Tajuddin Auliah ra, Dr. Syed Mohammed Rafique Ahmed Taji, by the royal command of His Majesty 
Baba Tajuddin Auliah ra.
Readers! If I keep on writing on Tajuddin Aulia's ra Benevolence, Munificence & affection this itself will need a proportion of books on this subject; when my Uncle requested His Highness r.a that if it’s permissible can I arrange a author to sit here, so he can write down each days account, on this His Highness r.a said:
"From where will you be able to bring, equivalent Pen & Papers"
Imagine, that only on His Majesty’s r.a benevolence a heap of mountain, of books, can be written. Therefore we have tried our best to bring up the selected miracles of Hazrat (venerable) Syed Mohammed Tajuddin Aulia r.a, Amma Bibi Marium Waliya r.a and His Highness (Tajuddin Aulia r.a) blessed peoples (called children of Tajuddin Aulia r.a). I sojourn on this condense account, so I can write briefly on further accounts.