Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam Biography

Huzur Muhammad Rasoolullahe Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem - In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful
Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Assalaatu Wassalaamu Alaika Yaa Saiyyadul Mursaleen.

Monday 09/12 Rabbiyul Awwal 53 B. H. (20 April 571 A.C.)
Monday 12 Rabbiyul Awwal 11 H. (06/08 June 632 A.C.)
Huzoor Mohammad Mustufa  Sallallaho Alahi Wa sallam son of Abdullah son of Abdul Muttalib son of Haashim son of Abdul Munaaf son of Qasi son of Kalaab son of Marrah son of Q'aab son of Lawwa'a son of Gaalib son of Feharbin son of Maalik son of Nadhar son of Kunanah son of Hazeemah son of Madarkah son of Iliyaas son of Madhar son of Nazaar son of Sayeed son of Adnaan  Rehmatullah alaih. Hazrat Adnaan was a 40th grandson of Hazrat Ismayeel Zabihullahe Alaihis Salaam son of Hazrat Ibraahim Khalilullahe Alaihis Salaam. 
Name of Honoureble Mother is Hazrat-e-Aamina d/o Wahab son of Abdul Munaaf son of Zeharah son of Kalaab son of Marrah  Rehmatullah alaih.
Huzoor  Sallallaho alaihi wa sallam was born in Makkah on Monday 09 Rabiyul Awwal 53 B.H., According to Indian Calender 01-04 Jetth 628, According to English Calender 20 April 571 A.C.. According to sun clock which was used by Arab countries (Makkah-e-Mukkarrma) the time was 09.55 am. and according to present watch the time was before Sunrise 04:20 am.
He  (S) was born 55 days after the incident of Aamalfeel.
Takkisra broken before 55 days Birth of
Huzoor Muhammad-ur-Rasoolullahe  Sallallaho Alahi Wa sallam
Birth Place of
Huzoor Muhammad-ur-Rasoolullahe  Sallallaho Alahi Wa sallam
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Huzoor Mohammad  Sallallaho Alahi Wa sallam got fostering from midwife Daayee Halima  Radiallahu anha.
Huzoor Muhammad , Huzoor Ahmad , Huzoor Haamid , Huzoor Mustufa , Huzoor Murtuza , Huzoor waheed , Huzoor Taahir , Huzoor Rasool , Huzoor Yaaseen , Huzoor Basheer , Huzoor Nazeer , Huzoor Mujammil , Huzoor Noor , Huzoor Siraaj , Huzoor Mutawakkal , Huzoor Kafeel , Huzoor Khatimun'nabi , Huzoor Shafiyul Muzannabeen , Huzoor Rehmatullil Aalameen , Huzoor Ruhul Quddoos , Huzoor Sahib-e-Taaj , Huzoor Yateem , Huzoor Miskeen  & Huzoor Saahib-e-Mehraaj  Sallallaho alaihi wa sallam.
When He  (S) reached the age of 6 His  (S) Honoureble Mother is Hazrat-e-Aamina  Radiallahu anha passed away from this world in 576 A.C..
Mazaar (Tomb) of Huzoor's  (S) Mother Hazrat-e-Aamina  Rd.
Mazaar (Tomb) of Huzoor's  (S) Nanny Hazrat-e-Halima  Rd.
When He  (S) reached the age of 8 His  grandfather Hazrat Abdul Muttalib passed away from this world in 578 A.C..
When He  (S) reached the age of 12 in 582 A.C. He  travel first time for Shaam as a Trader.
When He  (S) reached the age of 25 in 595 A.C. He  Married with Hazrat-e-Khatijat-ul-Kubrah Radiallahu anha.
When He  (S) reached the age of 30 in 600 A.C. He  earned His  living as a trader and got the taitle by His  people as Al-Sadique (The True-The Sincere) and Al-ameen (The Trustworthy One).
When He  (S) reached the age of 35 in 605 A.C. He  got the taitle from all Tribes of Maccah as Haakim -e- Saalis.
Same year the Quraish Tribe was renovating the House of Allah, the Ka'aba. They disputed among themselves as to who should put the sacred Black Stone (Hajar-ul-aswad) in its place. They finally came to an agreement that the most trustworthy person should replace it, and that person was the Prophet Huzoor (S).
When He  (S) reached the age of 37 in 607 A.C. He  go to the Gaareh Heraa (mounten of Heraa) for Prayer. Huzoor (S) was always in a state of spiritual vision and insight, but Huzoor  (S) was not authorized to speak about it. Huzoor  (S) preferred to be alone and used a cave in a mountain called al-Hira for contemplation and meditation. Huzoor (S) sought seclusion as the means to reach the Divine Presence of Allah Almighty and Exalted. Huzoor  (S) avoided all kinds of attachment, even with His  (S) family. He  (S) was always in meditation and contemplation, afloat on the Ocean of the Dhikr of the Heart. He  (S) disconnected Himself completely from everything, until there appeared to Him  (S) the light of Allah Almighty and Exalted,
which graced Him  (S) with the condition of complete intimacy and happiness. That intimacy allowed the mirror of revelation to increase in purity and brightness, until He  (S) attained to the highest state of perfection, where He  (S) observed the dawning of a new creation. The primordial signs of beauty shone forth to spread and decorate the universe. Trees, stones, earth, the stars, the sun, the moon, the clouds, wind, rain, and animals would greet Him  (S) in perfect Arabic speech and say, "as-Salam 'alayka Yaa Rasool-Allah" -- "Peace be upon You, O Prophet of God."  (S).
Gaareh Heraa
(mounten of Heraa)
When He  (S) reached the age of 40 year, on Thursday 18th Ramdhan 13 B.H., 13 August 610 A.C. Huzoor (S) standing on the Mountain of Heraa, there appeared on the horizon a figure Huzoor (S) did not recognize, who said to Huzoor (S), "O Muhammad (S), I am Jibrayeel (Alaihis Salaam) and You are the Prophet of God whom He has sent to this nation." Then the Chief angel Hazrat Jibrayeel Alaihis Salaam handed Huzoor (S) a piece of silk which was decorated with jewels.
Hazrat Jibrayeel Alaihis Salaam put it in His hand and told Him-Huzoor (S), "Read." He asked "What am I to read?" Hazrat Jibrayeel Alaihis Salaam hugged the Prophet Huzoor (S) and told Him-Huzoor (S), "Read." Huzoor (S) again said, "What shall I read?" Hazrat Jibrayeel Alaihis Salaam again hugged Him-Huzoor (S) and said, "Read,
(1) Read, In the name of Your Lord,
who Created,
(2) Created man out of a blood-clot,
(3) Read, and thy Lord is Most bountiful
(4) Who has taught with the Pen,
(5) Taught man what he knew not!
The Chief angel Hazrat Jibrayeel Alaihis Salaam came to Him  with the first massege - revelations of Allah Jalle shaanahu that established His  prophethood.
The first Madarasa-Educational academy esteblish in Dar al-Arqam-Mountain of Safaa to worship and to hide for three years up to 613A.C. the year of 3rd Nabuwwat prophethood.
Huzoor Mohammad Mustufa  Sallallaho Alahi Wa sallam was first ordered to instruct His  (S) immediate family on Islam, including His beloved wife Hazrat-e-Khadijatul Kubrah Radhiallahu anhu, but eventually it was revealed to Him  (S) that He  should begin delivering the message to all of mankind. In the next 23 years of His  (S) life, He communicated the message of Allah to His  (S) people, and set an example for how each human being should lead her or his life. This is especially valuable since Huzoor Mohammad Mustufa Sallallaho Alahi wa sallam is the last prophet of Allah.
01. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Khatijahtul Kubrah  D/o Khawildh Radiallahu anha, in 595 A.C.
02. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Saudah  D/o Zamyah Radiallahu anha, in 610 A.C.
03. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Hafsah  Radiallahu anha, in 624 A.C.
04. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Zainab  D/o Khazimah Radiallahu anha, in 624 A.C.
05. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Umme Salmah  D/o Abi Ummiyah Radiallahu anha, in 625 A.C.
06. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Zainab  D/o Hajish Radiallahu anha, in 626 A.C.
07. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Juweriyah  D/o Haaris Radiallahu anha, in 626 A.C.
08. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Umme Habeebah  D/o Abu Sufyaan Radiallahu anha in 627 A.C.
09. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Aayesha  D/o Hazrat Siddique-e-Akbar Radiallahu anha, in 627 A.C.
10. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Maimoonah  D/o Haaris Radiallahu anha in 628 A.C.
11. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Safiyah  D/o Hayyi Radiallahu anha, in 628 A.C. &
12. Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Maariya  D/o Shamuoon Radiallahu anha.
01. Hazrat Qaasim  Radiallahu anhu, (When He reached the age of 17 month or 2 year passed away from this world)
02. Hazrat Abdullah  (Taiyyab - Taahir) Radiallahu anhu, (When He reached the age of 1 year 6 month passed away from this world)
03. Hazrat-e-Zainab  Radiallahu anha,
04. Hazrat-e-Ruqayyah  Radiallahu anha,
05. Hazrat-e-Umme Kulsum  Radiallahu anha,
06. Hazrat-e-Fatemahtuz Zuhrah  Radiallahu anha from Hazrat-e-Khatijatul Kubrah  Radiallahu anhu.
07. Hazrat Ibrahim from Ummul Momneen Hazrat-e-Maariya  D/o Shamuoon Radiallahu anha in Madina.

01. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique-e-Aazam Radiallahu anhu,
02. Hazrat Umar Farooque-e-Aazam  Radiallahu anhu,
03. Hazrat Usmaan Gani-e-Aazam  Radiallahu anhu,
04. Hazrat Ali Mushkil kusha-e-Aazam  Qarmullahu wajhu,
05. Hazrat Abdur Rehmaan  son of Hazrat Auf Radiallahu anhu,
06. Hazrat Sa'ad son of wakaas Radiallahu anhu,
07. Hazrat Talaah  Radiallahu anhu,
08. Hazrat Sayeed  son of Zuber Radiallahu anhu,
09. Hazrat Abu Ubeda  son of al-Jirah Radiallahu anhu &
10. Hazrat Zuber  Radiallahu anhu.
Mazaar Huzoor  (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam-May the blessings and the peace of Allah be upon him)

Huzoor Mohammad Mustufa Sallallaho Alahi Wa sallam passed away in the age of 63 on Monday 12 Rabbiyul Awwal 11H. (06 / 08 th June 632 A.C.) prayer time of Chaasht and was buried in Hazrat-e-Aayesha's Rd. Hujrah at Madina Munawwarah after tuesday midnight.
He  (S) passed on the Secrets to His  (S) successor Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique-e-Aazam Radiallahu anhu.
((((((((( Alhamdulillah - Praise be to Allah  )))))))))